Allie's Garden was first established with the signing of the BIG BOULDER rocks which we placed near the house. Everyone signed on her Birthday. This idea actually came from Hayfield (where Allie went to school) because the day she died everyone went to the school, signed the school rock and then held a candlelight vigil. I asked the school for the rock and they said they couldn't give it to me. I went to a local rock quarry and asked for the biggest boulders they had. I explained to them what had happened and they were so compassionate that they made sure that their trucks and fork lifts moved the rocks to my house. I didn't ask them to do this - they just did.

I knew Allie needed some kind of written memorial and that is where the heart came from. I had to make sure that it could not deteriorate over time because our love for Allie will remain forever. I wrote what is on the heart from my heart.

I then decided that we needed a beautiful angel. Ms. Limerick gave me the daffodil bulbs to plant, which I did and they were just beautiful when they bloomed. Allie also has an evergreen so that she has color and life all year.

I leave the lights on the tree as a way for her to know exactly how to get home when she needs to. I invite anyone who would like to sign the boulders, good friends of course, if they haven't already, to stop by and sign the boulders. It is a nice place. It gets sun but also has a lot of shade. It is close to the house so we know she is right there with us. I also purchased another bronze sign which says "Allie's Garden".

-- Jamie (Allie's Mom)