Allie's College Essay to West Virginia University::

A person’s life experiences can be very meaningful and life changing. Life experiences can position a person for success or failure. These experiences can have an even greater affect if the person has been forced to overcome adversity. Adversity can present itself in many different ways. One can face adversity because of a physical injury or one can face adversity because of a lack of mental preparedness. Maturity is an important aspect of a successful career. These life experiences create plenty of character which is a necessary asset to overcome adversity and learn from it which ultimately makes for a better person.

Throughout my high schools years I have been more of an abstract thinker. I enjoy helping others and being a leader within the group. My experiences both in and around high school have shown me some things I am good at and that there are some things that I like to do more than others. For example, I love to give my attention to helping others and creating an effective leadership role for my school. I have always been one that participated in all different clubs and athletics in school. I enjoy being the Captain of the Cheerleading Team and promoting good spirit and good will among our team. In this time consuming endeavor of helping and leading others, perhaps I did not recognize the importance of each and every day and trying to make a positive academic impact in the areas which were not my strengths, I always felt that I could make up for lost time in academic studies.

I have learned that I must give my best to each and everything I do, not just what I like or what comes naturally (like being a big sister to an elementary student who just lost their mother or father). I will excel in the future in things I like and things I don’t like. I will continue to be a mentor and show a lost child the way. I will always be caring and want to help our society deal with adversity, disappointment and loss.

This would explain why I have applied for admission into the program of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences with a major in Sociology. Sociology is defined as 1: the science of society, social institutions, and social relationships; specifically: the systematic study of the development, structure, interaction, and collective behavior of organized groups of human beings. (Definition obtained from Merriam-Webster 2001). The definition above defines my interest perfectly and I believe that my studies at the West Virginia University will help me develop an education as to the most effective method of helping others.

I believe that life experiences and maturity have made me work harder, and in the end, have made me stronger. I never expected that having so much responsibility for so many people you care for could mature and trigger so many different positive emotions. I think the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and I see the truth in this saying. We are only what we make of ourselves as we go through each and every day and learn from our mistakes. By never giving up, being mentally tough, working hard with determination anyone can achieve their goals. I firmly believe in these qualities and will never loose sight of my goals. I will always strive to be better today, tomorrow and the day after that.