From Leilani ::

There are a million and one good memories and fun things that I, and I'm sure everyone else, did with Allie.

One of the many times out on the boat with her and she wouldn't let me get on until I played in the mud with her. I definitely didn't want to, but she always gets her way. My new bathing suit was practically ruined and I was covered in squishy mud all around me, but it still one of the funniest things I have done.

The roadtrip to Ocean City...we thought we would get there faster if we got in the HOV lane, that was until we realized that we couldn't get off of it and ended up in DC, which made us even later. But somehow we thought it was hilarious.

The week I stayed up for 3 days straight because I had a huge project do. I thought I was going to go crazy, but Allie came over and we got pizza and she did my extra credit for me while we layed in bed. I hadn't slept in days, but somehow while we talked I stayed awake the whole time.

The O.C. nights with me, Jesse, Allie, and Stephen. We always made sure that we spent that night together, even if it was a repeat, she would attempt to get me to watch some type of horror movie. She thought it was funny that I was such a baby. And especially funny that on the way over there one night, I killed 2 animals :( I was practically hysterical when I got there.

Our daily starbucks trips. These were the best, we somehow always managed to leave school, the security guards loved us :) EXCEPT Officer McGowan, on that day Allie had to ride in my trunk, literally. She was talking the whole way there, I felt like a kidnapper. But we would always talk and catch up, or blast the music, especially My Chemical Roman "I'm not okay". We would have all the windows down and scream out the windows, she would literally scream at people, and they really thought she wasn't okay.

On one of our Saturday Silver Diner Breakfast's I realized that I had my pajamas, and then only my hot pink heels from the night before, I definitely wasn't wearing that outfit out, so I gave her $10 and asked her to get me some plain slippers from Target. She came back with Lime Green Shrek Slippers, you put your foot in his mouth. Needless to say, I got a lot of stares.

All those nights where I wanted to do something crazy and spontaneous, she was the first person I called. She was always up for anything. We had some of the funnest adventures together.

The night at Dream, where she literally asked the security guard if she could go into the Drunk Tank. Who does that!? I had to convince the guard she was just joking. That was a crazy night.

Click to Enlarge But my FAVORITE memory, Zach, was two weeks ago when I had people over. She ran up and asked if it was okay if you came over. She was like it's okay if you don't want him to, I'll understand, but I'd really like him too. Of course, I didn't care. Then she yells "My little brother is coming over guys!" She was really so excited and ran right up to you when you got there. She was so proud that you were her brother and loved to talk about you to everyone. That picture of you guys that night is my favorite, and I'm so glad that you were able to come that night.

There are so many other things that I could say, words really can't define the person that she was or the memories that I have of her. She is the only person that Iwant to talk to right now. I know she is watching down on us. I love you always Jamie Alexandra...

Salt & Pepper always.